Saturday, August 30, 2008

back to the apron

So, in my post with my new apron I said I would have dh take pictures. A long time later he did. So here are the pictures of me wearing it. It looks so different on me. Enjoy!

Friday, August 29, 2008

so much fun

So, in my post I said I was meeting with digi scrapper friend next week. Nope, I sure went today. It was so much fun. I learned some new things. YAY! We even got another friend hooked on digi. So, I did a layout with one of islandmom's templates. She is awesome and patient at teaching us these techniques! I learned shortcuts and layering techniques to make it look more dimensional. I can't wait to work more on my scrapbooks. I better get busy, I am soooo far behind!!!! Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


So, this is all I got done today. I am not sure how I feel about it. I think it is ok, but I am not loving it. Thank goodness delete can be used! I may be back on it another time. I am just wanting to get ds' baby book done. He is almost 3! It is about time! You may see more of this page later. Enjoy!

Super exciting

So, growing up I had a fantastic Young Women's leader. I always wanted to grow up and be like her. In fact my hubby and her hubby have the same first name! Even better. 7 years later I am visiting in my hometown with some friends from back then. I find out that this YW leader is into digi scraping! So I find her blog and she has a handy little thing at the top that says email me. I do just that. Someone to talk and learn about digi scraping from. She is good. Better yet, she makes her own fonts! Check them out here. They are super fun and adorable. It gets better, inthe next week I get to go to her house with my munchkins so they can play with her munchkins and learn more about this new love of mine, digi scraping.

BTW, my free trial with Adobe Photoshop Elements ended. So, I did what any person in my situation would do, I bought it. Yep $100 later I now have it forever! Or until they come out with a new version, which will probably be tomorrow. I will be posting some pages soon. That apron took some of my time and then life got a little busy for a few days. But, be prepared for some school day inspired stuff. DD is going to kindergarten next week!!!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


That is the word for me today. I have finished my super cute apron! YAY! We had company from Thursday-Monday and I was not able to get sewing done. But, now everything is finished and I am happy. I love, love, love this pattern. It was easy to follow and easy to use. I have had sewing ambitions before and they never turn out so well. This one was above and beyond. I am thinking maybe Christmas or Birthday gifts for my sisters-in-law. Here are a couple of pictures I took of it, and I will have dh take some pictures of me wearing it tonight when we are home. Enjoy!

So they aren't the best photos, but with 2 kids and a dog inside due to the rain outside, this is the best I managed! I am trying to think of something to cook so I can wear it!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Working on it

So, I had another sewing project I had to complete before I could make my apron. So, I finished it yesterday. I will post pictures of it here. So, now I am working on my apron. Let me just say this, the instructions and illustrations are fantastic. The pattern is printed on thicker than computer paper, but not as sturdy as cardstock. So I traced the pattern onto tissue paper and then pinned it to my fabric and cut out. I am so happy. I am actually pretty far along in the making part, but I have not gotten to the fine detail work of hand stitching that it will require. I think then I will be slow moving. But, even in pieces it is looking good! YAY!
So, I have the treat basket from here and they only make liners for Valentines, Easter, Halloween and Christmas. Nothing for the summer months. So, I made one, a little late for the whole summer, but I moved this summer. It is not even close to greatness, but it will work. I won't even show you the inside. Enjoy!

Monday, August 11, 2008

This just in

So, today in my mailbox was my apron pattern. I am super excited. Let me tell you. I am doing laundry today, so my fabric that I bought on Saturday is getting washed. It is not going fast enough. I also can't wait for dd and ds to go to bed so I can sew, sew, sew. The pattern is super sturdy, not at all tissue paper, sturdy white paper. The instructions look fantastic too. I am thinking this is going to work out nicely! No pictures, but I am supper excited. Oh, with my pattern came a little business card, the lady who made the pattern has her own website and blog. Oh, I figured out how to do that, I was wondering how people made the hyperlink the word and not the link. Yay me! Alright, back to the daily grind... Just FYI, I love my hardwood floors that cover my house, I just hate sweeping and moping. It is nice with little munchkins who spill a lot!

Friday, August 8, 2008

My new favorite site

So, I came upon this super cute apron that my friend from college made as part of an apron swap. I loved it. In fact, yesterday in all my excitement over my new bag, I ordered the pattern. It came from Fantastic site by the way! Check it out. It is all handmade stuff. It is free for you to sign up, you are given a domain name and all that. So if you are super handy and make things yourself you can sell on there. But, I bought this pattern called Emmeline Apron. It is reversible, so two aprons in one! Soon I will be getting my pattern and making one. I am thinking of this or the bags as Christmas presents this year. Here is the apron:

If you saw this and just about died because of how cute it is, here is the shop that I got it from:

Also, this blog reviewed the pattern and people also replied to the blog. It might be helpful.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

i guess not

I thought this whole blog would be for my digi scraping obsession. But no, I do have some crafts that I do away from the computer. So, I guess this will also be my craft sharing outlet too. DH really is not into crafting (suprised?), he humors me and tells me things look nice and all that. But, I really am excited about my creations. So, you get to see them too. I made this last night with a friend. I saw her with this incredibly cute bag at church and thought it would be perfect for my new calling as beehive advisor. I asked where she got it and to my suprise she said she made it! So, off we went. She showed me my new favorite fabric store. We were up until midnight sewing away! Here is the finished product. Enjoy!

Saturday, August 2, 2008


I am finally getting to ds baby book. He is going on 3! Here is the first page. Enjoy!