Friday, March 20, 2009

something a little old

I am super proud of my husband... I need to scrapbook this. I really do. I was thinking about it, and how I was going to do it digitally. I have a lot of hard copies, but nothing digital. So then I thought. Magazines are online. I wonder if this article is online. Lo and behold it is. The really hot guy in my life is on page 2 online. There is some foul language, but keep reading. It is good. The title of the article is not how it is in the story. I am so proud of him. I think I need to do my page right now while I am thinking about it. Also, let me tell you, he worked so hard over there. He went through so much. Lived in scary conditions. I am so glad that this article got to me (thank you editor at esquire!) right as he came home for 2 weeks. I read it and had I not had his hand to hold, I would have lost it. I did not even know everything that he was going through, he didn't want me to worry more, but, I did send him back for 2 more months a little more aware of what he was living with and I was able to be a better wife and support to him. Thank you for being my husband.

I will be back with my page soon. I promise. I have ideas flowing already!

long time

Wow, it has been a long time since I have posted. Sorry about that! I have been super busy on a secret project that I will post about after a certain someone gets it. I don't know if this person checks my blog or not, so I need to be on the safe side. I am hoping to post a new page here by the end of the weekend. Janet over at TDD has a free template up. Go check it out. I am doing it. I just need more time to do what I want!!! There are a few things going on at work for DH that I (being the army wife) get to do for him. Ü I don't mind it at all, I am just super busy! At least 3 times a week for the next 3 weeks I am up on post (about a 40 minute drive there). Meetings and meetings.