Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Amazing Woman

I went to college with a great woman, she went on to marry my home teacher. Great Man! Now they have 5 kids. Great family. Actually, they had triplets in January of 2005, one girl and two boys. Val could not have anymore children due to complications at the birth of the triplets. In October of 2007 they brought home Joshua from Uzbekistan. In December of 2007 they brought home Evan from Ukraine. You can read about that amazing journey. It is so wonderful. It always brings tears to my eyes!

But, the big announcement is....They are in the process of trying to adopt two little GIRLS from Bulgaria. This will hopefully even out the estrogen in their home! They are trying to raise some money to help them do this. Here is the link to the blog. Go check it out.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

for fun

Yesterday at The Daily Digi Janet had a great post! I downladed the free template that she had made. Filled in the appropriate word (as best as I could... It is a Mad Lib!) scrapped it, and voila!

{I used Reach for the Stars by Stephanie2 and giggles font by Fontologie}

And I have also learned how to resize my photos for uploading to the web! Wow, it is so much faster! If you want to know how, go here. I have a few more things to come, I am just a little on the short side of time this morning.