Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I signed up for a Jessica Sprague class. Holdidays in Hand. It is free. Yesterday was the first day. I know, what was I thinking, another class, right at the time my college courses are going into finals! But, the great thing about Jessica Sprague is that the class is yours FOREVER. I can go back and look at assignments, there are no due dates. Except this one is focusing on the Holidays and I would like to have it worked on so I can really have the stories of the season.

Day 1:

::My goals for this season::Assignment 1

more family togetherness



reason for the season





::Commit::Assignment 2

Every day in the month of December I will set aside 20 minutes to record our memories. It can be a blog post, a scrapbook page, taking photos. I need to remember.

::Organize:: Assignment 3

I need to do this!