Friday, September 18, 2009

no excuses

I really have no excuses... I am a slacker. I really am. Over the summer I took a couple of classes online, played with my kids, was with a few friends who delivered babies while their husbands are not on the same continent... You get the idea. But I did get some scrapbooking in. I think I am caught up at least through most of 2005. I think I have 1 or 2 months left. I really want to get over the hump I am in so that I can start scrapbooking the most recent events in our lives. Sometimes I do take a break and do something more recent... Anyway, I don't have photos of scrapbooking today.

In a few weeks I am on my way to a convention. I am going to be running around and super busy there. I want my camera with me so I can take millions of photos... DH wants photos of some of the things he may never get to use in his career... My camera is a point and shoot, but not on the little side. It is the almost DSLR. It has a lot of the functions, takes really great photos, but no extra lenses to change out. I wanted a little envelope type thing to protect it while it is in my big bag. I am trying to not have to carry 3 different bags. On my feet all day, remember? I decided to make one. Remember the bag I made last year. I used some of the same ideas and shape behind it, but a little different... Here you go. The whole evening in photos.
The fabric... Super cute!
I ironed on interfacing to give it structure and to pad the bag as well

Next I sewed up the sides like an envelope... This will make sense in a few photos...

I then cut a 2x2 inch square on each of the corners that folded up.

Then matched the edges of the cut out part and sewed them together to make the bag have a flat bottom.

Once that was done, I turned one of the sides right side out and matched it to the other side. Right sides faced each other.

And sewed the sides together making sure there was a hole to turn it right side out.

After flipping it, I ironed it to get the seems looking their best.

I top-stitched the edges.

Added a button and ribbon to close it off.

I know it looks like a mushroom here, but I am going to find a way to pull those sides back on top.... I am just too tired of trying to figure it out today!


Anjuli Fry said...

That is too cute!! I need to do something like that for mine to. I am constantly stuffing it in my backpack and it should be protected....Next early release day project huh!

Kaja said...

cute fabric!!